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Color in the Albuquerque Workplace

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  • Can the choice of paint color have an effect on the productivity of employees?
  • What about warm color being used as a tool to enhance the comfort level of employees?
  • Can certain paint colors promote harmony stability and yes, even camaraderie?
  • Which paint colors will promote clear fresh thinking, creativity and planning?
  • Are there any paint colors that can be used in executive offices and boardrooms?

Productivity can mean different things to different people. If images of workers moving at a blazing speed across the shop floor is what you have in mind, paint color is not going to do that for any production facility and it really shouldn’t.

Creating a comfortable work space for employees by using paint color as a tool, is a more realistic expectation. The existing lighting situation, artificial or natural, is a strong consideration. Another factor is the current color of other elements such as carpets, window coverings or furniture. Taking into account the above as well as the proven influence of certain colors, a comfortable space can be created for employees. It is safe to assume that comfortable and happy employees will always be more productive.

In “thinking” rooms such as classrooms and meeting rooms, very strong and contrasting tones may interfere with concentration. This does not necessarily mean that only boring and bland tones and colors will work in these rooms. Calm and cool colors can be used to promote clear thinking, creativity and planning. Such colors can be light sage greens, even clean beiges (not muddy). Clean, cool and light blues can also used thoughtfully to help the creative mind.

In executive offices and boardrooms, strong colors such as burgundy, royal blue or brown can be used to state authority, promote respect and loyalty. There are circumstances where space, size of the rooms and lighting will not allow for the strong colors. The alternative is to use these colors on highlight walls, bulkheads, columns and sometimes doors, door frames and trim.

Sometimes the workplace is also where the customer is (for example retail or hospitality). In that case, the customers comfort level has to be balanced with that of the employees. Branding considerations, marketing decisions and how it affects the buying habits of the consumer should be of course taken into account. In reality, the comfort level and interests of the customer and company staff do not have to clash, especially in today’s evolving marketplace.

In conclusion, the primary question always is:
“what do you want color to do?”

After a clear understanding is evident and expectations are realistic, choosing the Albuquerque workplace colors can be a rewarding experience that most employees can participate in. The ability to have a say and influence on the colors at work can be a powerful morale booster. And of course the jokes and light-hearted suggestions about the new pink, lilac or lime-green decor will last for days to come.

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