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The Colors of Autumn

Colors of autumn

Autumn is just about upon us, and in accordance with the change of seasons, the Pantone Color Institute, a company that does color trend forecasting and helps companies make informed decisions about color for their products, has issued its report on the Ten Top Fall Colors. They are a mix of earthy neutrals and bold color statements that evoke the love of nature along with warmth and security and can be mixed and matched brilliantly.

  1. Dried herb is an olive-y greenish brown shade, earthy in tone;
  2. Desert sage is a cool, soothing pale gray-green;
  3. Stormy weather is a medium-dark gray, like the sky on a heavily overcast day;
  4. Oak beige is a mellow, warming beige with shades of gold and orange;
  5. Marsala is a wine-y brownish red, rich and robust;
  6. Biscay bay is a lush, elegant medium teal with the serene quality of blue;
  7. Reflecting pond is a deep, dark gray-blue that lends stability;
  8. Cadmium orange is a pale, pinkish shade of orange, extremely soft in tone;
  9. Cashmere rose is a lovely soft pink shade with a touch of lavender;
  10. Amethyst orchid is a bright and vibrant violet.
Pantone Top 10 for Fall

Readers of men’s and women’s fashion magazines and home decor magazines will soon see these colors appearing in their pages, in suits, coats, sweaters, and shoes; as wall colors, as background fabrics, as accents and brighteners. Imagine the combinations of neutrals with accent colors in some room of your own: stormy weather with amethyst orchid, dried herb with Biscay bay, reflecting pond with cashmere rose. To sneak an advance peek at these gorgeous new colors, go online to These colors will also now be available among the hundreds of beautiful shades available at Cutting Edge Painting, Inc..

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