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Albuquerque Commercial Painter

Here are some photos of an exterior commercial repainting project that we recently completed for the Simon Properties Group at the Albuquerque Uptown Mall located at 2200 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110. The scope of work was repainting of decorative iron work, handrails, sign poles, directory kiosks, and flyover signs. The vivid colors in the color scheme require a material that will be as resistant to fading as possible. Cutting Edge Painting, Inc. used a very high quality industrial grade waterborne acrylic enamel. The product is designed to be a maintenances coating for metal roofing and comes with a 10 year warranty on commercial applications if all the specified procedures are followed and properly documented.

We handled all aspects of warrantee procurement for the client. All surfaces were power washed to remove surface contaminates, sanded to promote adhesion, primed with a bonding primer, and coated with a minimum of two finish coats. The signage was particularly complicated because of the four colors used on the different parts, and the fact that all of the coatings were spray applied. The signs all had neon lighting that had to be carefully protected from overspray, or damage in handling. This is one of the premier shopping in Albuquerque, and is always busy during the day. This creates a need for special scheduling for the performance of any maintenance painting. To insure that the customers were not inconvenienced, we did all of the work after the hours of operation for the shopping center. The final results look outstanding.

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