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Exterior Renovation and painting in Albuquerque

Here are some before and after pictures of a home in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque that we recently re-painted. As the photos show, the fascia boards were in extremely rough condition. To complicate the matter further the fascia boards were a finger joint redwood that has a groove cut into the back side of it that the soffit board keys into. This was a standard building product at the time the home was constructed in the early 80's, but it is no longer commercially available. For us this was no problem since we have a full woodworking shop, and could easily reproduce the materials. We milled the new fascia from select grade cedar, primed, and first coated all sides of the material prior to installation.

In order to replace the fascia we removed the existing gutters. Great care was taken to insure that they were not damaged or dented since we re-installed the existing gutters after the fascia boards were installed. We power washed the home including the brick. We scraped, sanded, primed, and filled all gaps in preparation for finish paint. Two coats of premium Benjamin Moore Aura were applied. We have worked hard to make sure that we can make the process of home renovation simple and easy for our customers. Our investment in equipment, and broad skill set help us to do that.

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