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Interior Painting, Drywall, and Carpentry in Sandia Heights Area of Albuquerque, NM

These are a few photos of a project we recently completed in the Sandia Heights area. After having us fully paint the interior of the home, the home owner decided to change out all of the doors and trim work. They installed the baseboards themselves, but didn't have the time to do the doors. We measured the openings and ordered the replacement doors. The customer selected a very nice looking single panel shaker style door. The casing is a 1x3 poplar with a square edge. It all works well with the contemporary architecture of the home. While it isn't necessary to use real wood doors when painting, real wood does have a look and feel that the composites can't duplicate. I also feel that the solid wood is more durable, and may even add better sound deadening. Once the doors came in they were staged in our shop for painting. We started with two coats of high build wood primer. For the finish we applied three coats of waterborne alkyd enamel. We sanded between each coat. This particular job took six working days once the doors came in for painting, installation, and finishing touches.

The master bath originally had a small water closet with a 2 foot door swinging into the space. The customer felt that it was a bit cumbersome given the small space. So, the solution was replacement with a barn door and surface mounted hardware on the outside of the room. A pocket door would have been a good solution as well, but would have required a lot more demolition and reconstruction. We did have to install drywall and corner bead to the opening, but it was an elegant solution at a fraction of the cost.

Projects like this one are fun for us because we get to use all of our skill sets with the drywall, carpentry, and painting. We feel that our expertise in each of these areas sets us apart from our competitors. While there are other service providers that do a good job with one or the other of these trades, it is hard to find anyone who is really great at all of them at the same time. We feel that this puts us in a unique position to help our clients bring it all together. Not only is this more convenient for scheduling, it creates a continuity that is nearly impossible to get by having two or three different contractors doing work on the same scope. The best part is that we are able to quality control our work from start to finish. For example if a door comes in damaged, we catch it before it's installed and painted. A customer won't have to worry about the painting contractor asking for more money because they think the carpenter used too many nails. If we do a drywall repair, we know that we will be painting it. We only take on projects that our in house people have the skills to perform to a quality that is second to none, and this project is an excellent example of all of that coming together. At the end it's another job we're proud of and another happy customer.

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