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Stucco Painting Contractor in Albuquerque

Here are some pictures of a home in the North East Heights of Albuquerque that Cutting Edge Painting, Inc. recently applied an elastomeric coating over the existing synthetic stucco. For those unfamiliar with elastomeric coatings, it is essentially and extremely heavy bodied, flexible, and waterproof exterior paint that is well suited to use on cementitious surfaces such as stucco. Its excellent ability to stretch combined with the thickness to which it is applied, approximately 75 square feet to the gallon, make it a great product to bridge hairline cracks in stucco. While we often times recommend that customers fully re-stucco a home if the stucco is too deteriorated, this home was in really good condition overall. The windows had been replaced and the parapets had been rebuilt. The color variance in the repairs was the issue that needed to be corrected. We also found that the repairs around the window that had been done by the window installer had been left a little rough. So, we re-worked those areas while we repaired any other damaged areas in the stucco.

We had applied a solid bodied stain to the woodwork on the home in 2008 and it was still in really good shape. So we covered it along with all of the other adjacent surfaces, and saved the customer the additional expense of painting it again.

The side garage door frame was completely rotted so we replaced the entire door unit with a new pre-hung metal door.

We finished the exterior stucco painting project by applying two coats of Sherwin Williams Sherlastic elastomeric coating to all of the stucco surfaces. We applied the coating by the spray and back roll method which gives the thickest and most even paint film. The color was matched to the original synthetic stucco finish. The job was near flawless.

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