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What is October’s prime color? Orange, of course—the whole range of harvest shades of turning leaves and gathered crops that denote the end of the annual growing season. And the month ends with an orange-and-black holiday, where you’ll see more of the hue than at any other time of year. However, orange is not exactly […]

There are two types of elastomeric coatings on the market today that can help your Santa Fe home’s siding stay in great shape no matter how hot the sun gets, how much the wind and sand scour the surfaces, or how much hail impacts your exterior. Elastomeric coatings go a long way to make your […]

Sometimes there are good reasons for living or working in a space that is smaller than the usual house or apartment: location, for one, and convenience, for another. If you go this route, you have to make choices about what’s important; can you live with a small bedroom? A tiny kitchen? Very little storage space? […]

We use the word “paint” in many ways. In addition to the product that we put onto walls and canvases and cars and furniture and all kinds of other surfaces, we also use the word to refer to the substances women (“paint”) and Native American braves (“war-paint”) put on their faces; we use it to […]

The history of paint goes back to humankind’s prehistory. As much as 16,000 years ago, cave painters in France and Spain used colors made from hematite, manganese oxide, charcoal and berry juice for their vivid depictions of animals such as mammoths and rhinoceros. Egyptian tombs were decorated with paints made from oil or fat and […]

Does the exterior of your house really look its best? It may have a fresh paint job, or a new oat of stucco, but you’re aware that something is lacking, or insufficient, or dull. Could it be the trim? The right kind and color of trim paint—or paints—can make a very large difference in the […]

Autumn is just about upon us, and in accordance with the change of seasons, the Pantone Color Institute, a company that does color trend forecasting and helps companies make informed decisions about color for their products, has issued its report on the Ten Top Fall Colors. They are a mix of earthy neutrals and bold […]

New Mexico’s summer weather is hard on stucco. As I write this, a huge late-afternoon “monsoon” thunderstorm is breaking over the Sandias and dumping torrents onto the Northeast Heights. And when rain—or even hail!—is not coming down in sheets, the torrid summer sun, amplified by Albuquerque’s relatively high altitude, is beating down, and the humidity […]

Are you considering hiring an independent contractor to inspect major home systems such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC?? I would recommend having a qualified roofer inspect the roof. Depending on the age, or if there is any evidence of structural cracking, that an engineer be consulted for a professional opinion. This will add to the expense […]

By John Freeman – Owner, Cutting Edge Painting A family member of one of my customers has a brother and a sister-in-law, who live in another state. She went to visit them last week, met her baby nephew for the first time, and got to tour the home that her brother’s family is building, which […]

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